Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Elder Hazelgren had a great Christmas this year. He was able to help a family build their house. He loved that experience! He also helped a man sell his bread (which is how this man makes a living) and he and his companion were able to have some family home evenings that night. The missionaries had a Christmas dinner with the mission president. He has been traveling around a bit, going to areas that are further out within their zone and that keeps him very busy. We were able to talk to him on Christmas morning and it was so great! He looks good and is doing amazing :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Visiting a Volcano

Elder Hazelgren has been very busy this week and was only able to send an email with about 4 sentences! He is doing well. He is helping to organize a large activity at the temple in El Salvador. He didn't elaborate, but it must be for Christmas. They baptized a man named Julio Cesar. Dallin says Julio is very faithful and was thankful for the small miracle it was to get him baptized. On p-day they were able to visit a volcano! There was a lagoon at the bottom of it and they played soccer there with lots of kids. He loved it! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Progressing Forward

Disclaimer: I (Lindsay) apologize for slacking on sending Dallin's emails and updating his blog. My life has been a little crazy lately so please forgive me!

Dallin has been keeping busy of course. They continue to meet new investigators and have more baptisms. El Salvador had an earthquake a couple weeks ago. It was a large one, 7.3 to be exact! We had no idea it happened, but we received an email from his mission president saying that all the missionaries were okay and no harm came to anyone. We were a little surprised to receive that email but very glad that everyone was okay. Dallin said in his email the following week that while the earthquake was happening, he and his companion had to run out of their apartment because things were falling all around them! We are so proud of Dallin and his continued efforts to bring souls unto Christ.

Here's a few pictures... 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Trying Times

Dallin said this last week was discouraging. They had several investigators that said they no longer want to be taught the gospel. Of course as a missionary that is hard to hear when that is your main job as a missionary; to bring people to the gospel. Elder Beck from the General Young Men's presidency came for a zone conference. Dallin said that his zone seems to not care as much about progressing the work of the Lord. It's always good to hear from Elder Hazelgren but it's sad to see him discouraged. We know the missionaries are working hard to tell people about the gospel. They of course have their free agency as well. Dallin said it rains everyday! He loves the rain so I'm sure he's enjoying this weather. 

                   Soaked in the rain

Monday, August 25, 2014

Zone Conference

Dallin was asked to conduct a zone conference this week with Elder Ochoa of the Seventy present. He was a little nervous at first but said he did a great job.
The new area he is in is seeing progress. When he got to that area, it hadn't seen success so Dallin is happy to see things changing. They have a lot of new investigators and we pray they all can come unto Christ. 
On p-day they were able to have some fun and play volleyball, water games and have fun with an obstacle course. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Trying Times

This is right from Dallin's email this week...
"This week was a little difficult, we had many troubles finding people to teach and we faced so many rejects this week. Wow, I got knocked down again and again and again and again. But that day really taught me something, I actually didn't get mad at the people, I really improved in my patience that's for sure. And I'm learning how Christ loved the people that rejected him. Yea its hard, but at the end of the day I felt really good with how the day went down. So another day, we couldn't find anyone, I told my comp we were gonna pray in the street. So we did, continued getting rejected, continued trying our patience, but after a couple hours we finally found a family. the dad, Douglas, is super positive and he is inviting his whole family to listen to us. Also, later on, we found another family that are strong Catholics. we taught them, the lesson went good, we left. but then we passed by like an hour later, and they were all reading the pamphlet still! haha wow, so maybe they will progress, we will go back today!
Last p-day, we had a lot of games with the Zone, it went way good, everyone got rid of the idea that the ZLs are garbage, because the other 2 that got kicked out before me were really, really bad. anyway, we regained their confidence and the zone is really doing great! We also had our zone conference, baked cookies for each elder and everyone had a good time at the conference. The zone is really doing good in unity!"
Enjoy a few pics...
                           Missionary cookie
                                   His new zone

Friday, August 15, 2014


Elder Hazelgren got transferred this week. He is in an area called Soyapango. He also has a new companion names Elder Morales from Ecuador. The previous zone leaders in this area got taken out because they weren't doing as they should so Dallin is training a new zone leader. He also said a few areas in his zone had missionaries taken out so they are trying to "revamp" the area and have honorable missionaries serving there. Elder Morales and Elder Hazelgren are working to get more baptisms in this area. He is excited for this challenge.

                       Elder Morales
                    These two families will be baptized soon ^^
                     Returned Missionaries in Montecarmelo

Monday, August 4, 2014

Spiritual Experience

This week Elder Hazelgren had a cool spiritual experience and so I'm just going to leave it in his own words...
"This week, I had a very spiritual experience. You know how Veronica got baptized a little bit ago, well we have been working with her husband, man is he tough. but anyway, we visited him on Friday. I asked him how he was and everything, he said "good, I'm ready to get baptized.".... ok, so I asked him "how do you know?" "well, I have had like 3 dreams this week with you, elder Hazelgren, dressed in white with me at your side in white also, and you were doing the thumbs up. I know that the lord is answering my prayers and I want to get baptized." alright, I wont lie, I teared up a little and I felt the spirit so strongly. My head was spinning but I felt at peace. "will you be baptized tomorrow at 5pm?" i asked. he said "sure, i actually asked for tomorrow off because i knew i would be baptized tomorrow." ok really i have never had an experience like it. but then my comp asked "and how we doing with the coffee?"...... "i drank this morning". NOOOO he was so ready for everything and asked for work off, and then he tells us that!!! Freak, transfers are this week and i fear i wont be in this area. man, i have never had a lesson like that, it was the most satisying experience to know that after working so hard with him, his name is Santos, he finally found an answer."
What a neat experience. It's so awesome hearing about these experiences and knowing that it's strengthening Dallin's testimony even more so.
Dallin also helped build a house for a man named Manuel. He was ready to get baptized but was still living with his girlfriend, so the mission president asked the missionaries to build him a house so he could be baptized. The house took the Elders two days to build.

                         Manuel's Baptism
                         During construction of Manuel's home
                        The inside of his new home

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mountain Hike

It was a good week for Elder Hazelgren. They had three baptisms, painted a home & climbed a mountain!
One of the baptisms was a guy named Balmore. He used to be an atheist and was part of the big gang in El Salvador called MS13. The missionaries had been working with him for about a year and each time they met, he tried to argue with him. Dallin and his companion "dropped" him, meaning they weren't going to teach him anymore if he wasn't willing to listen to what they had to say. They found him drunk about three weeks ago and he said when they "dropped" him, his life fell apart and that he was now willing to listen. He committed to baptism and his daughter Lesly also got baptized.
Another baptism was Veronica. She had been praying to see what she should do with her life. Dallin happened to knock on her gate for help looking for someone else. He said she was part of a large church there and the members of that church are hard to convert. She is now a great influence to her family, including her husband who could possibly get baptized.
July 23rd also marks Dallin's ONE YEAR! We are so proud of him and love hearing of his experiences.

Monday, July 14, 2014

World Cup

Even though El Salvador wasn't in the World Cup, Dallin has heard all about it through everyone in El Salvador. They were eating lunch the other day and all of a sudden heard an uproar of cheering. He felt like he was in Brazil watching the game live!
Dallin is still loving his new companion. He said that his companion is the one who likes to have a little fun while Dallin is the serious one. That was surprising to hear since Dallin is usually the one joking around. It's good that he's so focused on his mission.
They met with a former mission president of Honduras to get some insight of how to help the area they are serving in. They are also meeting with their mission president this week to discuss ways to better help those in their area. He's been busy but is grateful for the success they are seeing.
No pictures this week, sorry.

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Mission President

Dallin is loving his new mission president. He said he reminds him of our Dad, which of course our dad loved hearing :) Dallin is excited to see the new changes that will come from having President Vasquez there.
They had another baptism. His name is Giovanni and he is the first member in his family to be baptized. The rest of his family have baptismal dates set for this month! Giovanni is 20 years old and plans on serving a mission.
Dallin is also loving his new companion. They get along really well and even have some fun together.
There was a small earthquake last week :/ Luckily it wasn't a big deal. Phew.
                      Giovanni's Baptism
                      Murcia Family (Giovanni's Family)
                         President & Sister Vasquez

Monday, June 30, 2014


Remember how Dallin got deported last week?! Well this week has brought new changes as well. He got a new companion. Elder Soriano is his new companion and he is from Mexico. He was previously the assistant to the president and only has two months left in the mission field. Dallin is learning lots from his companion and he is a very humble guy. 
His new mission president is there now. Dallin was very grateful for his previous mission president and learned a lot of important things from him.
All the areas in his zone had changes and he said it's like a new whole area now. He is getting to know lots of new elders. Their investigators are continuing their learning of the gospel and are still coming to church. 
We love hearing from Elder Hazelgren and are so grateful he is doing well.
Elder Hazelgren and his previous comp Elder Martinez with the previous mission president; Pres. Glazier & Sis Glazier

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Well, we never expected to hear that word from Dallin's mouth! Several of the missionaries in El Salvador had to go to Panama last week due to issues with their visas. Dallin said he can now check that off his bucket list :) There were issues leaving El Salvador and getting into Panama and also returning to El Salvador. It sounds like an adventure! He was able to go the Panama City Temple and see the Panama Canal and do some sight seeing. What a cool experience!
They had 2 more baptisms last week and more investigators at church on Sunday. Dallin has been nervous about being away from his area since going to Panama. He is in a different area right now while he waits for his companion to come back from the Dominican Republic.
The new mission president will arrive on Thursday and his mission president now leaves today. Dallin has loved getting to know President Glazier and his wife and is very grateful for them.
Here's some pictures from his visit to Panama...

                            Panama Airport
                            Panama Canal
                           Panama City Skyline

Monday, June 16, 2014

All Good Things

Dallin sounded pretty pumped in his email this week! First off, they were able to go to the temple as a zone and Dallin had a great time. He learned a lot which is one of the blessings of the temple. You learn something new each time or pick up on something you didn't before and it makes the experience that much sweeter.
They also had 3 zone conferences! Missionary work is hard but rewarding.
They baptized a girl named Roxana and her family only has one more person to be baptized so everyone will be a member soon.
One of their investigators that they've been working with for awhile on some word of wisdom issues got married this weekend. His name is Dyckson and his wife Lisette is a member of the church. They continue to work with him and he has now stopped drinking and smoking and they are hoping he will get baptized soon.
Dallin is enjoying his mission and everything that goes along with it. It's so great to hear his positive attitude each week.

                           Dyckson and Lisette Wedding
                           Roxana Baptism

Monday, June 9, 2014

Seeing Success

The rule of being back in by 6:00 pm has changed which hopefully means that the danger in the area is diminishing. He didn't elaborate on that but seemed very happy that they don't have to come in early anymore.
His mission is getting a new mission president starting in July. His mission president right now bore his testimony along with his wife and Dallin said it was very powerful. He is excited about meeting his new mission president.
Dallin is seeing a little of success with investigators and he's very grateful for it. They have three families on track to be baptized soon! Current investigators are coming to church more often which is so great.
They have another temple visit planned this week.

Monday, June 2, 2014


I'm going to start with a story from his words. "There is a guy here, Hermano Rojas, who was a Branch President in Montecarmelo a long time ago. He has 6 kids. Dedicated everything to the work. He sacrificed so much for other people, and money didn't matter to him. He had, each day, 2 eggs to give to his family to eat. Everyday, he would take one or two kids and say, "hey kids today you and I are going to fast!" because he didn't have anything else. 2 eggs..... 6 kids. But he dedicated everything and now he is relaxing because the lord blessed him with a good job, after 20 years and now doesn't have to work, he has so much money. THE LORD PROVIDES!"
I thought that story was powerful. We're so grateful that Dallin is having these experiences. These moments are testimony builders.
They are having success with their investigators and they keep showing up to church which is very great.
Enjoy the pictures...
                            Elder Hazelgren and Elder Martinez
                             Teaching moment
                              Eating pupusas

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Dallin said he and his companion were going to play soccer today on Memorial Day. He was very happy :) He is doing well despite the danger in El Salvador. He said all the missionaries have to be in a lot sooner, 6 pm to be exact, because of the danger surrounding the areas where the missionaries are. Of course hearing that is scary but he has reassured us he is safe. We know the Lord is looking out for his missionaries.
They are doing conference calls with the District Leaders to higher the number of investigators. He said those calls seem to be helping and Dallin and his companion had 8 investigators at church on Sunday! They recently started visiting with a lady named Gladys who has had missionaries over for the last 20 years so he is hoping that this time around will be the time when she commits to baptism. She came to church on Sunday so he is hopeful. They have another baptism lined up for a guy who has been struggling with the Word of Wisdom. Dallin is excited about this one. This guy's name is Dyckson and he is getting married next month and baptized shortly after that.
We are so proud of Dallin and his efforts to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to he people of El Salvador.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Like I mentioned last week, Dallin is in a very dangerous area. He mentioned two specific occurrences that happened this week where he and his companion were protected from dangerous and sad situations. He is very grateful for those people who as he said "are worthy enough of the spirit to help out the dumb elders." We are grateful as well that Dallin continues to be safe. It's comforting to know that he feels ok with the situations and knows he'll be safe.
Their stake a talent show and the missionaries got permission to go. He really enjoyed it. Each ward did a talent. He sent a picture of the little girls in his ward doing a dance. (the picture is pretty blurry, sorry.) We are always so happy to hear from Dallin even if it's telling us how scary his area is!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

It was so good to talk to Dallin on Mother's Day! He is doing really well and looks good and happy. He Skyped us from a member's home. She is his cocinera which is basically their chef. He said she makes them really good food! Dallin's companion is from the Dominican Republic and asked us to speak to him in English so he can learn it better! Dallin really enjoys his companion. They get along really well. The work is progressing in El Salvador and Dallin is so grateful for that. He did say they are in a dangerous area but feels blessed that they haven't had any problems. Dallin's Spanish is coming along so great! He has a slight Hispanic accent :) He doesn't think he does but its cool to see him working so hard to speak the language so fluently. His mission is getting a new mission president in July. He is from Guatemala. Dallin said the new president and his wife are actually moving to El Salvador very soon so he can "learn the ropes" a little sooner and see how things  have been going. Dallin bore his testimony to us in Spanish. He speaks the language so quickly, just like a native! It was awesome to hear his testimony even though most of us didn't understand a lot of it. We are so grateful for Dallin and his example.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Zone Pictures

Dallin didn't say too much this week since he'll be calling home on Mother's Day. He sent a few pictures of his zone and said he is doing well! I'll update on Sunday after we talk to him.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Family Baptism

Elder Hazelgren had a great week! He and his companion Elder Martinez baptized a family; a mother and her two children. The father isn't a part of the family but Dallin said this family is very humble. They have several more baptisms coming up soon which Dallin is excited about!
He was able to play soccer again this week! He's happy to keep his skills up.
There was a national service project that people all over participated in. They helped clean up a river. Unfortunately the Elders weren't able to participate very much in the service project; they were asked to get referrals in that area. He and his companion were successful but he was a little bummed they weren't able to help clean up the river.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Dallin's companion planned an activity with another zone for P-day. They played soccer and ate at the place famous for pupusas. He enjoyed every minute! He said he's not used to playing in dirt so he said he couldn't control the ball real well. Looks like he needs to brush up on his skills!
In El Salvador, they don't celebrate Easter. Instead the celebrate Semana Santa. This is a week celebration and it means holy week. It's a week where they remember Jesus' suffering, death and resurrection. They celebrate by usually going to the beach and eat foods that are special for Semana Santa. Dallin said this week is one of the hardest for missionaries because most people are celebrating and because they are mostly at the beach. BUT, Dallin said this was actually his most successful week in the mission! He has several baptisms coming up which he is very excited about.

The guy in the middle is an investigator who has stopped drinking and smoking and
has a baptism in June.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Good week

Dallin had another week where he was able to email chat back and forth. No pictures this week though :(  He said things are going really good. He loves his new companion; they get along really well. He had a pretty interesting experience this past week. They did a surprise visit to two elders and were shocked to learn what they did and have been doing. Unfortunately those elders were asked not to go and teach until given the ok by the mission president and had an emergency transfer. It's always interesting to hear about Dallin's experiences but this was by far the most interesting so far. He sounds really happy from the emails back and forth.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Exciting week

Dallin didn't send a "formal" email per say. He IM'ed my mom and both mom and dad happened to be online at the same time so they were all able to chat. He did send some pics though! 
He had a great week. He was made Zone Leader. He is still in the same area but his new companion is from the Dominican Republic. His name is Elder Martinez and he has been in the mission field for about a year. Dallin said he lives like 5 minutes from Walmart and a mall!
Elder Hazelgren is really enjoying himself. He was able to do some service (he didn't elaborate) but he loves doing service. 
                         Elder Hazelgren and Elder Martinez
                       The Zone eating lunch (notice it's KFC!)
                         Service time!
                    The Castro Family