Monday, June 30, 2014


Remember how Dallin got deported last week?! Well this week has brought new changes as well. He got a new companion. Elder Soriano is his new companion and he is from Mexico. He was previously the assistant to the president and only has two months left in the mission field. Dallin is learning lots from his companion and he is a very humble guy. 
His new mission president is there now. Dallin was very grateful for his previous mission president and learned a lot of important things from him.
All the areas in his zone had changes and he said it's like a new whole area now. He is getting to know lots of new elders. Their investigators are continuing their learning of the gospel and are still coming to church. 
We love hearing from Elder Hazelgren and are so grateful he is doing well.
Elder Hazelgren and his previous comp Elder Martinez with the previous mission president; Pres. Glazier & Sis Glazier

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Well, we never expected to hear that word from Dallin's mouth! Several of the missionaries in El Salvador had to go to Panama last week due to issues with their visas. Dallin said he can now check that off his bucket list :) There were issues leaving El Salvador and getting into Panama and also returning to El Salvador. It sounds like an adventure! He was able to go the Panama City Temple and see the Panama Canal and do some sight seeing. What a cool experience!
They had 2 more baptisms last week and more investigators at church on Sunday. Dallin has been nervous about being away from his area since going to Panama. He is in a different area right now while he waits for his companion to come back from the Dominican Republic.
The new mission president will arrive on Thursday and his mission president now leaves today. Dallin has loved getting to know President Glazier and his wife and is very grateful for them.
Here's some pictures from his visit to Panama...

                            Panama Airport
                            Panama Canal
                           Panama City Skyline

Monday, June 16, 2014

All Good Things

Dallin sounded pretty pumped in his email this week! First off, they were able to go to the temple as a zone and Dallin had a great time. He learned a lot which is one of the blessings of the temple. You learn something new each time or pick up on something you didn't before and it makes the experience that much sweeter.
They also had 3 zone conferences! Missionary work is hard but rewarding.
They baptized a girl named Roxana and her family only has one more person to be baptized so everyone will be a member soon.
One of their investigators that they've been working with for awhile on some word of wisdom issues got married this weekend. His name is Dyckson and his wife Lisette is a member of the church. They continue to work with him and he has now stopped drinking and smoking and they are hoping he will get baptized soon.
Dallin is enjoying his mission and everything that goes along with it. It's so great to hear his positive attitude each week.

                           Dyckson and Lisette Wedding
                           Roxana Baptism

Monday, June 9, 2014

Seeing Success

The rule of being back in by 6:00 pm has changed which hopefully means that the danger in the area is diminishing. He didn't elaborate on that but seemed very happy that they don't have to come in early anymore.
His mission is getting a new mission president starting in July. His mission president right now bore his testimony along with his wife and Dallin said it was very powerful. He is excited about meeting his new mission president.
Dallin is seeing a little of success with investigators and he's very grateful for it. They have three families on track to be baptized soon! Current investigators are coming to church more often which is so great.
They have another temple visit planned this week.

Monday, June 2, 2014


I'm going to start with a story from his words. "There is a guy here, Hermano Rojas, who was a Branch President in Montecarmelo a long time ago. He has 6 kids. Dedicated everything to the work. He sacrificed so much for other people, and money didn't matter to him. He had, each day, 2 eggs to give to his family to eat. Everyday, he would take one or two kids and say, "hey kids today you and I are going to fast!" because he didn't have anything else. 2 eggs..... 6 kids. But he dedicated everything and now he is relaxing because the lord blessed him with a good job, after 20 years and now doesn't have to work, he has so much money. THE LORD PROVIDES!"
I thought that story was powerful. We're so grateful that Dallin is having these experiences. These moments are testimony builders.
They are having success with their investigators and they keep showing up to church which is very great.
Enjoy the pictures...
                            Elder Hazelgren and Elder Martinez
                             Teaching moment
                              Eating pupusas