Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mountain Hike

It was a good week for Elder Hazelgren. They had three baptisms, painted a home & climbed a mountain!
One of the baptisms was a guy named Balmore. He used to be an atheist and was part of the big gang in El Salvador called MS13. The missionaries had been working with him for about a year and each time they met, he tried to argue with him. Dallin and his companion "dropped" him, meaning they weren't going to teach him anymore if he wasn't willing to listen to what they had to say. They found him drunk about three weeks ago and he said when they "dropped" him, his life fell apart and that he was now willing to listen. He committed to baptism and his daughter Lesly also got baptized.
Another baptism was Veronica. She had been praying to see what she should do with her life. Dallin happened to knock on her gate for help looking for someone else. He said she was part of a large church there and the members of that church are hard to convert. She is now a great influence to her family, including her husband who could possibly get baptized.
July 23rd also marks Dallin's ONE YEAR! We are so proud of him and love hearing of his experiences.

Monday, July 14, 2014

World Cup

Even though El Salvador wasn't in the World Cup, Dallin has heard all about it through everyone in El Salvador. They were eating lunch the other day and all of a sudden heard an uproar of cheering. He felt like he was in Brazil watching the game live!
Dallin is still loving his new companion. He said that his companion is the one who likes to have a little fun while Dallin is the serious one. That was surprising to hear since Dallin is usually the one joking around. It's good that he's so focused on his mission.
They met with a former mission president of Honduras to get some insight of how to help the area they are serving in. They are also meeting with their mission president this week to discuss ways to better help those in their area. He's been busy but is grateful for the success they are seeing.
No pictures this week, sorry.

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Mission President

Dallin is loving his new mission president. He said he reminds him of our Dad, which of course our dad loved hearing :) Dallin is excited to see the new changes that will come from having President Vasquez there.
They had another baptism. His name is Giovanni and he is the first member in his family to be baptized. The rest of his family have baptismal dates set for this month! Giovanni is 20 years old and plans on serving a mission.
Dallin is also loving his new companion. They get along really well and even have some fun together.
There was a small earthquake last week :/ Luckily it wasn't a big deal. Phew.
                      Giovanni's Baptism
                      Murcia Family (Giovanni's Family)
                         President & Sister Vasquez