Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Well, we never expected to hear that word from Dallin's mouth! Several of the missionaries in El Salvador had to go to Panama last week due to issues with their visas. Dallin said he can now check that off his bucket list :) There were issues leaving El Salvador and getting into Panama and also returning to El Salvador. It sounds like an adventure! He was able to go the Panama City Temple and see the Panama Canal and do some sight seeing. What a cool experience!
They had 2 more baptisms last week and more investigators at church on Sunday. Dallin has been nervous about being away from his area since going to Panama. He is in a different area right now while he waits for his companion to come back from the Dominican Republic.
The new mission president will arrive on Thursday and his mission president now leaves today. Dallin has loved getting to know President Glazier and his wife and is very grateful for them.
Here's some pictures from his visit to Panama...

                            Panama Airport
                            Panama Canal
                           Panama City Skyline

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