Monday, February 24, 2014

District Leader

Dallin got called to be a District Leader this week. He also got a new companion but only for a few days and also had an emergency transfer. Needless to say, his week was busy and he said he sacrificed some of his time today to allow other missionaries to email home. The new companion he received was deaf so Dallin learned a little sign language. Their lessons they gave consisted of English, Spanish and sign language. The companion got sent home due to health reasons. Dallin was sad to see him go but was grateful for the time he had with him. Elder Catalan (his previous companion) is his companion once again and Dallin is pretty excited!
                           Elder Hazelgren & Elder Titensor 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Feeling Better

Dallin is thankfully feeling better. He has bronchitis and says he's doing ok, he can just feel it in his chest when he's walking. He also has a throat infection but feels good.
He planned a service project for his zone. They plan to paint a school and chop down some trees.
This week on Wednesday, they are having transfers and Dallin was informed that he'll be getting a new companion. We'll have to find out next week if he's being transferred or just getting a new companion.
They have a new investigator named Luis who has read the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church!

                                The District

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hospital Day

Dallin has been in the hospital today due to a bad lung infection :( He went to the doctors because he's been sick for about a month now and he was taken to the hospital for the infection in his lungs and throat. Most likely this illness is due to the volcano dust that has been in the air. He said no need to "freak out", he'll be ok. He does have to go to the hospital each day this week to get checked out. We're hoping he feels better soon!
His ward he's been serving in got a new Bishop which he said is a good thing. He felt like the previous Bishop was someone who didn't value hard work. He's hoping this new Bishop will help them get more baptisms.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Election Time

This week was much better! We know Elder Hazelgren is going to have ups and downs on his mission but it's always nice to hear when things have turned around for the better and he says it was a good week.
The election for a new president in El Salvador happened this last week. Apparently it's a time when the people can get out of hand and be wreck-less and riots begin. The missionaries were told to be in early that night to avoid the chaos. In years past, people have died, so it's scary.
Brother Kevin Duncan of the Seventy spoke to them and Dallin said he is very inspiring. Dallin is lucky to be able to hear from prophets of God and those who work closely with them.
There was a baptism of Paola. She has a large family and Dallin said he and his companion have baptismal dates for the rest of her family but they haven't been coming to church. Dallin said hopefully with Paola's baptism, it will inspire her family to live the same way.
Several new investigators are on the horizon with baptismal dates already set!
Some pictures...yay!!

                          ^^Paolo was baptized in December, Dallin just sent another pic of them

                            ^^this pic is from Christmas time, he was stuffed after his 3 meals!