Monday, July 14, 2014

World Cup

Even though El Salvador wasn't in the World Cup, Dallin has heard all about it through everyone in El Salvador. They were eating lunch the other day and all of a sudden heard an uproar of cheering. He felt like he was in Brazil watching the game live!
Dallin is still loving his new companion. He said that his companion is the one who likes to have a little fun while Dallin is the serious one. That was surprising to hear since Dallin is usually the one joking around. It's good that he's so focused on his mission.
They met with a former mission president of Honduras to get some insight of how to help the area they are serving in. They are also meeting with their mission president this week to discuss ways to better help those in their area. He's been busy but is grateful for the success they are seeing.
No pictures this week, sorry.

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