Monday, March 31, 2014


Dallin was asked by his mission president to have an elder come on splits with him. Dallin's companion Elder Catalan is leaving for Peru tomorrow. Elder Catalan has been waiting on his visa to go serve where he was called in Peru. Dallin will be transferred to a new area pretty soon and he's kind of having mixed feelings. He's excited for a new area but he's also grown very fond of the area he's been in for quite some time.
Yesterday they had 10 investigators at church! They also have 6 baptisms lined up for April 12th! He's pretty excited.
He really stressed the importance of reading the scriptures daily. I know I need to take that to heart not only because he knows how important it is but because we've been commanded to read and ponder the scriptures on a daily basis.
We are so proud of Elder Hazelgren and all his hard work. He's a great example to a lot of people.
                              Being goofy!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Chef Dallin

Dallin didn't say too much this week and his email was written to mom and dad so we didn't forward the email to everyone. He did send pictures though! They had a district meeting and his mission president called Elder Hazelgren about 30 minutes before it started to say he was coming. Dallin was grateful for that and really felt the spirit. He gets called on a lot by his Bishop to give talks. Dallin really enjoys the Bishop he works with. He made pupusas and said they turned out good!
He also has some good news...he now has more time to write!! Hopefully he'll be able to respond to more people now.
Here are some pictures of the chef... :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Patience..and soccer

This week was kind of disappointing. They had three baptisms set up but they all fell through due to word of wisdom issues and wanting to wait on getting baptized. Elder Hazelgren was pretty bummed and asked for us to pray for some miracles to happen.
They had an area conference and Elders Dallin H. Oaks and Richard G. Scott spoke to them. Dallin loved hearing from them! He has been going to splits with the missionaries in his area because he's trying to help his district since they seem to be struggling lately.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Being Diligent

Dallin apologized for his recent emails that have been pretty short and brief. He said he was just running around crazy and finally realized that he needs to slow down a bit.
He explained the service project he helped plan. They cleaned and painted a school and chopped down some trees. He was really happy with how it turned out.
El Salvador got a new president and apparently during political times like that, the country is pretty unsafe. The missionaries were asked to return home early that night for their safety.
On Sunday, they had 5 investigators show up to church on their own will! He was excited about that because they get up early on Sundays to go get their investigators and take them to church and last Sunday, they all said they didn't want to go.
Well, Elder Hazelgren said he finally got their cell phones for the mission! He's pretty excited about that because they are able to accomplish more with technology. Imagine that... :) We were glad to hear that Dallin is doing so well.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Keeping Busy

It's been another busy week for Elder Hazelgren. He's been working on planning a service project for the area and that occurred last week. We are still unsure of what exactly they did for the service project (as you can see, Dallin has been VERY brief in his emails and still hasn't told us the service project :/). His companion and he brought 8 investigators to church on Sunday which is quite a lot. Good to know he's working hard to share the gospel. President Glaser came to Dallin's area and worked with those missionaries for several hours. Dallin was very grateful for that and really loves his mission president.