Monday, June 2, 2014


I'm going to start with a story from his words. "There is a guy here, Hermano Rojas, who was a Branch President in Montecarmelo a long time ago. He has 6 kids. Dedicated everything to the work. He sacrificed so much for other people, and money didn't matter to him. He had, each day, 2 eggs to give to his family to eat. Everyday, he would take one or two kids and say, "hey kids today you and I are going to fast!" because he didn't have anything else. 2 eggs..... 6 kids. But he dedicated everything and now he is relaxing because the lord blessed him with a good job, after 20 years and now doesn't have to work, he has so much money. THE LORD PROVIDES!"
I thought that story was powerful. We're so grateful that Dallin is having these experiences. These moments are testimony builders.
They are having success with their investigators and they keep showing up to church which is very great.
Enjoy the pictures...
                            Elder Hazelgren and Elder Martinez
                             Teaching moment
                              Eating pupusas

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