Friday, August 22, 2014

Trying Times

This is right from Dallin's email this week...
"This week was a little difficult, we had many troubles finding people to teach and we faced so many rejects this week. Wow, I got knocked down again and again and again and again. But that day really taught me something, I actually didn't get mad at the people, I really improved in my patience that's for sure. And I'm learning how Christ loved the people that rejected him. Yea its hard, but at the end of the day I felt really good with how the day went down. So another day, we couldn't find anyone, I told my comp we were gonna pray in the street. So we did, continued getting rejected, continued trying our patience, but after a couple hours we finally found a family. the dad, Douglas, is super positive and he is inviting his whole family to listen to us. Also, later on, we found another family that are strong Catholics. we taught them, the lesson went good, we left. but then we passed by like an hour later, and they were all reading the pamphlet still! haha wow, so maybe they will progress, we will go back today!
Last p-day, we had a lot of games with the Zone, it went way good, everyone got rid of the idea that the ZLs are garbage, because the other 2 that got kicked out before me were really, really bad. anyway, we regained their confidence and the zone is really doing great! We also had our zone conference, baked cookies for each elder and everyone had a good time at the conference. The zone is really doing good in unity!"
Enjoy a few pics...
                           Missionary cookie
                                   His new zone

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