Monday, August 4, 2014

Spiritual Experience

This week Elder Hazelgren had a cool spiritual experience and so I'm just going to leave it in his own words...
"This week, I had a very spiritual experience. You know how Veronica got baptized a little bit ago, well we have been working with her husband, man is he tough. but anyway, we visited him on Friday. I asked him how he was and everything, he said "good, I'm ready to get baptized.".... ok, so I asked him "how do you know?" "well, I have had like 3 dreams this week with you, elder Hazelgren, dressed in white with me at your side in white also, and you were doing the thumbs up. I know that the lord is answering my prayers and I want to get baptized." alright, I wont lie, I teared up a little and I felt the spirit so strongly. My head was spinning but I felt at peace. "will you be baptized tomorrow at 5pm?" i asked. he said "sure, i actually asked for tomorrow off because i knew i would be baptized tomorrow." ok really i have never had an experience like it. but then my comp asked "and how we doing with the coffee?"...... "i drank this morning". NOOOO he was so ready for everything and asked for work off, and then he tells us that!!! Freak, transfers are this week and i fear i wont be in this area. man, i have never had a lesson like that, it was the most satisying experience to know that after working so hard with him, his name is Santos, he finally found an answer."
What a neat experience. It's so awesome hearing about these experiences and knowing that it's strengthening Dallin's testimony even more so.
Dallin also helped build a house for a man named Manuel. He was ready to get baptized but was still living with his girlfriend, so the mission president asked the missionaries to build him a house so he could be baptized. The house took the Elders two days to build.

                         Manuel's Baptism
                         During construction of Manuel's home
                        The inside of his new home

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