Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Dallin's companion planned an activity with another zone for P-day. They played soccer and ate at the place famous for pupusas. He enjoyed every minute! He said he's not used to playing in dirt so he said he couldn't control the ball real well. Looks like he needs to brush up on his skills!
In El Salvador, they don't celebrate Easter. Instead the celebrate Semana Santa. This is a week celebration and it means holy week. It's a week where they remember Jesus' suffering, death and resurrection. They celebrate by usually going to the beach and eat foods that are special for Semana Santa. Dallin said this week is one of the hardest for missionaries because most people are celebrating and because they are mostly at the beach. BUT, Dallin said this was actually his most successful week in the mission! He has several baptisms coming up which he is very excited about.

The guy in the middle is an investigator who has stopped drinking and smoking and
has a baptism in June.

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