Saturday, January 4, 2014

Volcano Explosion

When we talked with Dallin on Christmas, he said he is going to start sending a longer email that has more details about his mission. He said because he'll do that, he won't have time to respond to everyone who emails him but he will try. So this week, we got a good LONG email from him ;) We are always so excited to hear from him and especially love it when the email is longer than five sentences!
There is a volcano in his area San Martin and it exploded last week! He said no one was injured but the explosion was "pretty sweet!"
For Christmas in El Salvador, most people go to the beach and light off fireworks. He loved spending his Christmas that way.
Dallin is enjoying seeing their hard work pay off and meeting new investigators. He said they had 6 investigators attend church on Sunday; three of them were new investigators and the other three just came on their own! His companion and he went out on Christmas and met new people then too. It is so awesome to see his enthusiasm! Happy New Year!
The first few pics are of Dallin's living quarters; bedroom, kitchen and study area.

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