Monday, January 13, 2014

Great week

Dallin had a great week! Poor guy is sick again. He said a lot of people are sick right now from the volcano dust in the air.
Dallin is still glad that he is with Elder Catalan, he really enjoys him. (No transfers this week) His companion told Dallin he has blisters on his feet from all the fast walking they do (thanks to Dallin!) but he never complains. They got new zone leaders and a new district leader. Their zone was the most successful again. He said out of the last 4 months, they've had the most successful zone for 3 out of the 4!
Elder Catalan and Elder Hazelgren were able to meet new investigators (hopefully!). These two guys were trying to put a fence up and Elders C and H were able to help them and then taught them about the gospel afterwards.
There were some humbling moments this week such as meeting a young girl who is 17 who has cancer. They were able to give her a blessing. They also met a man who has over 10 bullet holes in his body! Dallin said he may be a tough investigator.

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