Monday, November 25, 2013


Well Elder Hazelgren has been made a trainer! He is very excited about that but also a little nervous since he just finished his own training. He will be a great trainer. They had another baptism this week. Dallin has asked us to pray for his recent converts because several of them are having a hard time staying active in the LDS church and want to go back to their previous religion if they had one. Also, the new rule of only having 30 min to write emails is actually from the Area Seventy over Latin America. We are pretty disappointed we get short emails from him and we understand that now most of you won't be getting the weekly email from him. He does receive letters in about two weeks and it takes about that long to get letters from him, so writing him might be a good way to hear from him individually if you'd like. His address is on the right hand side. He included lots of pictures this week!

                                 Classic Dallin face...the guy on the left is the recent convert

                                        Seaside Mariachi Band

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