Monday, November 18, 2013

Interesting Week

Dallin had several interesting things happen this week. The first one being helping a couple whose marriage was suffering. He said the husband is younger than he is and they have one child. He said they were able to help this couple and hopefully they can strengthen their marriage. He said they were able to go to a lake in El Salvador, he took pictures but wasn't able to send them due to lack of time. (Hopefully we get them soon!) They met the founder of Karate! He is from El Salvador and speaks English. It sounds like they were able to give him a missionary lesson and Dallin was able to teach it in English. On Sunday they had two baptisms so they had to start filling the font on Saturday night. They began filling it at 6:30 and went back at 9:00 to check it and the whole church was flooded!! Dallin knelt down in the only dry spot in the church and prayed for a miracle. He said when they came back the next morning at about 5:00 am, the water problem was resolved. A tender mercy of the Lord. The two baptisms were teenage boys who are dying to serve missions! They use Dallin's missionary badge and reverse roles a little and pretend Dallin is the investigator :) It is so fun hearing about all these great experiences.

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