Monday, October 28, 2013

Pupusa Loca!

Another baptism :) Jennifer was baptized by Dallin this past Saturday. She is 14 and a great girl. There was a family who was supposed to bring her to her confirmation on Sunday but forgot so she will be confirmed soon.
So there is a new rule for missionaries in Dallin's area. They only get 30 min to email now. We're guessing there were some missionaries who were exceeding their time limit and now the Mission President has shortened everyone's time. So Dallin apologizes if he's unable to respond to everyone's emails now.
Dallin's mission president said if he doesn't return home exhausted each night then he's not doing his job as a missionary. Dallin said he's exhausted every night so the Lord is happy :)
He's turning into a money hoarder! Which can be a good thing. The exchange rate makes things super cheap in El Salvador. He's able to buy quite a bit with just 10 cents. Dallin said he tried the "pupusa loca" and it was HUGE! Most pupusas are 2-3 inches in size and he said this one was 11-12 inches! He's practically living off of pupusas and said he's going to get fat ;)
Elder Hazelgren and Elder Gallegos have several more families they are helping and are hoping to teach the gospel to. It's so great to see Dallin's enthusiasm towards teaching the gospel to everyone.
Dallin and Jennifer...

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