Monday, October 21, 2013

Moustache Monday

It's good to see the elders and their sense of humor!
Dallin got a new companion this week, Elder Gallegos. He is from Peru and speaks NO English. Luckily Dallin is so fluent in Spanish now, they are able to communicate ;) His companion is the senior companion but Dallin is the leader of the area which he said has been hard because his previous companion "ran" the area. We know those missionaries will be blessed for their hard work.
It sounds like Elder Hazelgren is eating quite well in El Salvador. Dallin's zone is the most successful zone thus far and they had dinner at President Glazier's home on p-day. He ate tons of food there and even more at appointments throughout the day. He felt like vomiting from being over-stuffed. Good to know our Elder isn't going hungry!
He has some more baptisms coming up this week. Two of the baptisms are from a family of four. It sounds like the other two of that family will be baptized later.
Elder Hazelgren has a new nickname..."Amazelgren." Apparently he's a really good tree chopper! He is learning the definition of hard work through all his service and missionary work.
This last Friday, our family all received individual letters from Dallin. He also wrote a family letter and at the end of it he bore his testimony in Spanish. It was so neat to read that and see how far he has come already in learning the language. Some of us speak a little Spanish so we were able to understand and translate for the others.
Elder Haze in action....

                                     First baptismal font

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