Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First Week in the MTC

Dallin's first email was nice and LONG :) He is doing great in the MTC. He's learning the language fairly quickly because all his teachers speak ONLY Spanish. His companion, Elder Shipman, is from Sandy, Utah and Dallin said they have lots in common. Here are some excerpts from the email he sent home:
  "I got to Mexico City, and it is so crazy how different things are down here. SO MANY PEOPLE!!! And on the road, no one cares for blinkers or other courtesies on the road, pedestrians just walk in the road and expect cars to stop. Its nuts. Guys just walk down in the middle of the street selling things to cars, while there is so much traffic going on! All the buildings are painted different colors and its like a crazy Mexican Rainbow down here!
   Our house has no carpet and huge cockroaches everywhere, mixed with millions of mosquitoes and right next to the wall that keeps us from the outside world. We are in the very far corner, as far away as possible from everything. Outside the wall, all day you here horns honking, people screaming, skidding tires, sirens, and of course gunshots. So many gunshots!!
  We sat at lunch with some natives, and let me tell you, I don't think I'm ready to go to El Salvador. They spoke so quick and with an accent, I also translated to the table, but I could barely do it! Holy crap I'm screwed. Well the food is horrid. Absolutely sucky ducky. At the end of each day, they mix up whatever wasn't eaten and throw it into a stew. YUM!! I think I found grapes and yogurt in what was supposed to be beef soup. I'm going to lose so much weight.
  Our first Sunday was cool, different but cool. Sacrament was just with our district and me and Elder Shipman forgot our hymn books, so we sat awkwardly in silence as everyone else sang. But i told him, "lets sing it in English" and we did.
  I love the lord and the spirit I can feel all day every day. The gift of tongues is REAL!!!! I have felt it and I love it. I just really gotta learn mas Espanol!!"
It's so great to hear from Dallin and know that is he enjoying his mission so far.
Here are the pictures he sent home...

                                           Benemerito (the place where the MTC is)
                                           Elder Hazelgren & Elder Shipman


                                          Already trying to escape...

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