Monday, March 10, 2014

Being Diligent

Dallin apologized for his recent emails that have been pretty short and brief. He said he was just running around crazy and finally realized that he needs to slow down a bit.
He explained the service project he helped plan. They cleaned and painted a school and chopped down some trees. He was really happy with how it turned out.
El Salvador got a new president and apparently during political times like that, the country is pretty unsafe. The missionaries were asked to return home early that night for their safety.
On Sunday, they had 5 investigators show up to church on their own will! He was excited about that because they get up early on Sundays to go get their investigators and take them to church and last Sunday, they all said they didn't want to go.
Well, Elder Hazelgren said he finally got their cell phones for the mission! He's pretty excited about that because they are able to accomplish more with technology. Imagine that... :) We were glad to hear that Dallin is doing so well.

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