Monday, September 23, 2013

Life in El Salvador

First off, sorry there was no post last week. Dallin didn't send a generic email & we just got a little busy. He tells us in his family emails that his time is limited but he will try to send more emails so everyone can hear from him.
He is doing good, still having culture shock. He said he's struggling with the language but he's very hard on himself so I'm sure he's doing great. The weather is very rainy so he's loving that. His companion and he are getting more investigators; he said there was 8 at church on Sunday.
Elder Hazelgren said last week that El Salvador is very dirty with tons of pollution but he looks out in the distance and it's like paradise. It's really green down there from all the rain. He said he works in the jungle a lot because most of the investigators live so far from civilization.
Dallin also said he's having a hard time sending pictures because they take so long to download but when I get some, I'll post them immediately :)
Also, Dallin celebrated his 19th birthday last Monday, he said it was different than any other birthday but in a good way.

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